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Meet your Engagement Partner

Meet your Engagement Partner


Jenni Morton - University Partner at Multiple Institutions: Aston University, University of Birmingham, London Metropolitan University Queen Mary University of London, Royal Holloway University London, University of Southampton and University of Sussex,

Jenni Morton joined JS Group in August 2012.  Since then she has worked with several of our partner universities developing relationships with the students and university departments via on-site campus bookshops.

Jenni progressed into her role as University Partner in June 2019. She currently works with Aston University, London Metropolitan University, Queen Mary University of London, Royal Holloway, University of Birmingham, University of Southampton and University of Sussex.

She works closely with University departments to deliver our Aspire Welcome and Aspire Source packages.  She works with each partner to provide a tailor-made service, whether it is a pop-up shop, a book handout or department order.  Jenni works with each institution to provide the right learning materials for their students. Since starting her new role, Jenni has excelled in providing bespoke services which have been tailored to suit each individual institution.  Jenni uses her extensive knowledge of providing learning materials to universities and students to support her partner Universities objectives.

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